Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Do you have neck pain? Shoulder pain? Back pain? Are you feeling tension in your body that just won't relax? Deep-tissue massage can give you relief! And it feels great while it's doing that. The muscles get squeezed and stretched and warmed and softened. Deep-tissue massage is powerful and provides lasting results.

I use the traditional Hawaiian style of deep-tissue massage, which the natives called Lomi-lomi. During massage sessions, I use my forearms, as well as my hands, thumbs and fingers, to stroke the tension away. In this way, Lomi-lomi can be very gentle, or surprisingly powerful, as is needed in each situation. I have been using this style of massage for over 27 years, and have developed excellent sensitivity for finding hidden areas of tension and pain, and melting them away.

Traditionally, oil is applied to the skin, to make the strokes smooth and to cut down on friction. It feels great. To maintain modesty, you are covered by a drape, and the room is kept nice and warm. Soft, relaxing music is played in the background. I can also do this therapy very effectively on someone with all their clothes on. So I leave the choice to you.

I recommend the one-hour full-body treatment to begin with. This gives you the time to fully unwind, and gives me the time to be thorough in easing all areas of tension. I offer treatment times from ten minutes up to two hours so that your needs can best be met.

For Neck and Back Pain

Remarkably Therapeutic!

For Stress Relief

Full-body Relaxation

Traditional Hawaiian Style

Oil Massage, or Clothes-on Option

Session Times from 10 minutes to 2 hours

Thai Massage

I love performing this traditional health treatment of Thailand, often called Thai massage. It features powerful stretching movements and compressive massage techniques. The client wears loose, comfortable clothing, and the treatment is done on a traditional floor mat. Very calming and relaxing, it promotes flexibility, and feels great! Thai massage works well on people of all ages, sizes, and body types, because I customize the treatment to each individual's limitations and needs.

Powerful Stretching Techniques

Improve Flexibility

Calming and Soothing

Feel Younger

2-hour Sessions

Relaxation Massage

Relaxation Massage

For those who require only a light touch, I offer wonderful relaxation massage, also often called Swedish massage or spa massage. With this style, sensitivity is the key as you follow every stroke of the treatment with your touch sense. Oil is used to reduce friction and nurture the skin, and a drape keeps you covered and warm. Treatments can be as short as ten minutes, but you will want an hour, or two, to enjoy the luxury as long as possible.

Light Touch

Full-body Treatment

Oil Massage

Sessions from 10 minutes to 2 hours

Chair Massage

Chair Massage

A great introduction to the benefits of massage can be had with the chair massage. This massage treatment can take as little as ten minutes. You are fully clothed, and cradled upright in a massage chair while I rub out the tension and loosen the knots in your back and shoulders. Feel the workday stress melt away!

This type of massage is ideal for quick relief during a lunch break, or right after work, when you don't have time for a full-body treatment. It makes a great gift as well.

Upright Client Positioning


10, 20 & 30 Minute Sessions

Prices & Hours

The Office is open Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm. The Office is closed Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.
All massages by appointment only. Gift certificates also available.

Deep Tissue or Relaxation Massage 30 mins $40
60 mins $70
90 mins $105
120 mins $140
Thai Massage 120 mins $105
Chair Massage 10 mins $15
20 mins $30
30 mins $40
Outcall Massage* 60 mins $105
90 mins $140

*at your home, hotel, or office.

About Chris

Chris is a Licensed Massage Therapist. With over 27 years of experience, he tailors every massage treatment to fit the client's needs in a safe and comfortable environment. He is a graduate of the DanZanRyu Seifukujitsu Institute, and holds a certificate from the Vedic Conservatory. Chris is a specialist in the bodywork traditions of Hawaii and Thailand, and his work provides remarkable relief from body pain and stress. Chris is an instructor for massage professionals, and also offers beginner courses to the general public.


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Location & Contact

Chris would love to answer any questions you have, or schedule an appointment with you. Call him today.

Christopher Asay Massage is located at Treadway Towers, Suite 206, 9 East Loockerman Street, Dover, DE 19901. It is located next to the Post Office.

Phone: (302) 674-4686


Continuing Education

Chris provides continuing education training for massage professionals. The classes below are approved by the Delaware Board of Massage and Bodywork. Please contact him to reserve a place in the class of your choice. Note that “class size” indicates minimum and maximum numbers of participants.

Bodymechanics for the Massage Professional

CEUs: 12
2020 Course Dates: February 23, March 1 & 8 (Rehoboth Beach); July 26, Aug 2 & 9 (Dover)
Time: 12 - 4 pm (Rehoboth Beach) 8:00am - 12:00pm (Dover)
Structure: Three 4-hour classes, on Sundays
Class Size: 4-12
Cost: $300 (Rehoboth Beach); $150 (Dover)

You will learn how to use your body most effectively with whatever style of massage you currently practice, minimizing injuries and maximizing your impact on your clients. Course includes lecture, demonstration, massaging a partner, and videotaping.

Review for National Exam

CEUs: 24
2020 Course Dates: May 4 – July 27 (No class on May 25)
Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Structure: Twelve 2-hour classes, on Monday Evenings
Class Size: 2-4
Cost: $600 (Not including the $195 national exam fee)

This course is intended to provide a structure for intense preparation for taking the MBLEx (national exam) required for Massage Licensing in Delaware (and in most other states). The course involves extensive home-study time, up to 10 hours per week, reviewing your own textbooks and notes in preparation for in-class exams. Study assignments are given out weekly. In-class time is largely devoted to taking exams, followed by a review of incorrect answers. Students are encouraged to register for the national exam, so that they can take the exam immediately upon completing the course.

Thai Massage

CEUs: 24
2020 Course Dates: Individually scheduled; please call
Time: Individually scheduled
Structure: Twelve 2-hour classes, on Sundays
Class Size: One person per class
Cost: $600 (or trade)
Prerequisite: Bodymechanics for the Massage Professional

One-on-one, hands-on instruction in Thai massage, as performed on a floor mat, in two-hour class sessions. Class dates and times are individually scheduled with the instructor. Classes are generally scheduled one-week apart, and student practice outside class is expected.


Below are some resources for massage professionals.

Danzan Ryu Seifukujitsu Institute
Professor Robert Hudson's Massage Course
Professor Tom Ryan
Vedic Conservatory
Delaware Board of Masssage and Bodywork